STEELWINGS sprint from Sweden and play classic hard rock/heavy metal with roots firmly from the 80’s.

They were formed in 1982 and were part of the FWOSHM ( First Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal ) Steelwings was very active throughout the 80’s and at the beginning of the 90’s. The band played a lot of gigs during this time and much of their material was recorded and released in different appearances. This was the time before the Internet, so the music was spread by tape-trading.

In 1983 the band went to England and recorded two songs for Ebony Records and the song Live Your Life is featured on their Metal Plated compilation album. Today these recordings, and other past material, are available for listening on Spotify. They also appeared on the charity record Swedish Metal Aid, together with other Swedish heavy rock bands such as Europe, Treat and Heavy Load.

In 1989 before the bands break the last album Steelwings was released both as LP and CD on the Air Music Scandinavia label.

In 2007, the local city of Markaryd celebrated its 700th year and the band was asked too play some songs at this event. The guys got together again and this was the beginning of a new era for STEELWINGS. Although some years passed, eventually they started to work on a more regular basis. New songs were written and the group started playing regular live shows, amongst others, in 2015 at the Muskelrock Festival in Sweden.

The wish to release a new record grew stronger and the search for a record deal began. Finally STEELWINGS landed a deal with Sliptrick Records and the album Back was released worldwide in 2019.

STEELWINGS current line-up features Tommy, Michael and Gert-Inge who have been in the band since the beginning.

Line up as in picture below:

Michael Lindman - Guitar
Gert-Inge Gustafsson
- Guitar

Tommy Söderström - Vocals
Marcus Fritiofsson - Drums
Peter Fredriksson - Bass